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O Data (Open Data Protocol) is related to the OASISstandard, which states the good practice for building and consuming RESTful APIs. O Data is being used in your business logic while developing RESTful APIs without affecting any problems to define request and response headers, code of status, HTTP methods, conversation of URL, media types, formats for payload and querying and so on.

O data lead you to about tracking changes, defining functions or actions for reusing of procedures and delivering asynchronous or batch requests. In addition, provides functionality for extension to fulfill every custom needs for your RESTful APIs.

Now question is what is RESTful APIs? APIs always easy to use. The o data meta data and a machine readable description of data model, it propose to developing powerful generic client proxies and its tools.

Where taking place O Data?

As we figure out, o data works good for mixing and matching clients and data resources. Following are some data resources:

  • Custom application

  • Cloud Storage

  • Content management software

  • Windows azure marketplace datamarket

We are providing services for O Data

We are providing o data services by utilizing the o data client libraries, following are some services we offer:

  • .NET Application

  • Silverlight Works

  • OData Webservices

  • Server Driven Paging

  • Mobile Apps

  • Atom or AtomPub and JSON

  • Data Access Layers

Why OData Creation Only With Axis Technolabs ?

We are the most adopter of the odata technology. Besides, we have a wide professional developer team for o data services and cloud based applications. We are the odata service provider with the cost effective and time saving. Let us know if you have any business idea for your future application with the odata conceptions. We would be glad to discuss with your business idea. Kindly contact us today!


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