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Case Study for Ecommerce Web Solution

Shopping Cart Website for Jeans,T-Shirts,Apparel

Developed a web based eCommerce Shopping Cart Website of Jeans, Apparel,T-Shirts

The customer

This eCommerce site is online store for Jeans, Apparel,T-Shirts. We are selling various branded Jeans, T-Shirts, Apparel products at great prices throughout the entire United States,UK and Canada. We are having wide range of products for special occasions, seasons for men, children.


  • Large range of products and great requirement of timely delivery of products and services, demands for fast up to mark online software solution for leading online store to maintain goodwill in the market. Secure commercial transactions are one of major requirement for any online business.

  • Rich Designing and user friendly layout

  • Rich presentation & visualization of all products

  • Fast & easy loading

  • Smoother site navigation

  • Multi-location accessibility through web based as well as desktop based application

  • Shopping cart with country specific online payment options

  • Online order placing and order tracking

  • Customer login based account to check the status of their order

  • Multiple payment options for customers, country base payment options

  • Multilingual - multiple language support

  • Products Image
  • Zooming feature for viewing designs of product.

  • Shipping Label generating for shipping products

  • Kinds of Reports


  • We have accomplished the project according to all requirements of our client, providing best technically sound featured commercial site for better functioning. We have delivered customized services to our client in order to make the work faster with better error free functioning in all commercial as well regular business activities. Following benefits we have provided to our client:

  • Customer friendly web site

  • Client can easily manage its all range of products

  • Client is able to perform all commercial activities easily

  • Client can track all its older, new orders and shipped orders

  • Direct link with customer through customer login based account system

  • Various kinds of reports

  • Various Payment Options manage from admin panel

  • News letter sending for new product marketing from admin panel


WASP.Net(C#), Javascript, Adobe feature, JQuery, XML, Json, Crystal Reports
Web Server : IIS 7.0
Database : MS-SQL - 2008


Online Store for web based product selling
Increasing sales by 24/7 > Meet new World wide customers

Customer Testimonial

I am really thankful to for developing my online store. It is greatly helpful for me to selling online my products. My website is too cool and user friendly for my customers. Easy navigation and minimum steps for checkout is benefically for increasing my sales.