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Adapting to projects with different business models

The success of any company is dependent on the type of engagement models they adopt. Axis Technolabs has a strong belief that offering enhanced value and good ROI to clients by utilization of high class strategic formulations coupled with excellent implementation to please them is the only way in which value addition can be guaranteed. With our high class infrastructure and expert professional team along with exceptional work ethics, we have the capacity of delivering nothing less than the best to our clients.

Axis Technolabs offers easy to understand and simple engagement/ business models to deliver best services across different categories of work we handle. Mentioned below are 3 types of business models we use for better serving our clients.

Fixed cost

This model entails fixed time and pricing for project work. This is decided after consultation with clients and on agreed specifications and scope of work as defined initially. This models is best suited for small as well as medium sized projects wherein a precise scope is present and specifications are definite as chalked upfront. This model is mostly preferred for projects that are comprehensively defined from start and hence, results too are according to expected time and price.

Usefulness of fixed cost model

  • Optimized cost
  • Enhanced time management
  • Low possibilities of modifications and changes
  • Clear communication
  • Periodic updates about development of project
  • Timely delivery

Hiring dedicated professionals

This models is best for those clients that need management of resources at their end for monitoring process development. This structure permits clients in choosing own team of developers for working on projects and supervising their progress remotely.

Use of dedicated professional model

  • Choice of developer team
  • Remotely supervise progress
  • Periodic updates
  • Fast implementation of modifications/changes
  • Clear communication
  • Cost optimization

Hour based model

This model entails use of resources on hourly basis for project work. The time needed for work is charged for in this structure. This model is suited for work wherein scope is unclear and ambiguity is possible.

We request you to meet us personally for discussing your projects and decide on the type of model suited for you.