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Development Methodology

Structured execution of projects with set methodology

By successfully completing various complex projects for some of the known names of their respective domains, Axis Technolabs has already made its mark in the web and mobile development industries. Serving organizations of different sizes, our solutions have embarked on our technical expertise to provide clients with products that have resulted in accentuating their user base and eventually their revenue.

Banking on our huge talent pool of developers and designers who are expert in different technology verticals, we have been able to successfully please clients with our work. However, the immense success that we have achieved is based on a foundation of a rich development methodology. Our method of working is based on the following aspects:

Creativity with our designing

This is the primary step for our projects related to mobile or web applications. Due to a set format and process, we are able to deliver exactly what is required from the client's perspective. The steps we follow include:

  • Information gathering:This phase includes thorough interactive sessions between clients and our team to understand the requirements
  • Strategy: Once we know what is expected, our strategies are plotted accordingly. We use the wire-framing method for explaining clients about the process
  • Design: Next is the actual design wherein prototypes are developed for better understanding. This step culminates into the final design approval from our clients.

Architecture design

The development of system architecture is the next step. Attention to detail is our primary intent during this phase. This phase includes:

  • Database architecture design
  • Specifying security layers and web services
  • Storage of data locally
  • Documenting business logic
  • Mapping page layout and services along with navigation

Once the formal architecture is ready, testing plans are developed and the actual programming begins post approval from client end.

Programming phase

Proper schedules are followed during this phase. Our methodology is set in accordance to the interface amongst backend and apps. The steps we follow during this phase include:

  • Attributes such as coding procedures, entities and data variables according to use are established
  • Both the frontend and backend are developed simultaneously
  • Till backend section is developed, manual data entry is conducted. Once done, data entry is done according to records present in data base.
  • Once every module of development is ready, we integrate this into final system followed by testing and debugging

Standard coding practices

Every guideline as per Microsoft, Android, BlackBerry and Apple is adhered to during development of apps. Aligning these standards with our own in-house processes, allows us to conduct the coding to perfection. This also eases maintenance of developed applications later on.

Reviewing codes

Periodic audits of source codes is conducted at Axis Technolabs to ensure that correct practices are adhered to; pertaining to codes.

Testing units

Our proficient developers conduct tests for every function once developed. Technical leads monitor this process so as to ensure code perfection for enhanced functionality.

Code revision

This process is centrally controlled and helps us to:

  • Backup/Restore
  • Ownership and track changes
  • Synchronize
  • Versioning
  • Merging and branching

Quality Check

Rigorous testing is done to ensure that quality is always maintained. Latest tools are utilized for this testing process. Checking codes again along with re-checking features and requirements in sync with codes is done for ensuring that the final product is nothing less than perfect.

Making Live

The server configuration is set according to application requirement before making it live. A final check of stabilization and performance of the application is conducted to eliminate any remaining issues. Once this is done, the application goes live.

Final deployment

This is the final stage during which the application is installed and all files are uploaded to make it live.