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High tech infrastructure facility offshore development center

When infrastructure is concerned, Axis Technolabs believes in a no compromise attitude. This fact is proved with high tech facilities that have been developed from inception at our offshore outsourcing center in Ahmedabad, India. This center has a well equipped workforce of more than 50 professionals who are experts in different domains ranging from Research, development, project management, business analysis, creative designing, database administration, support management, quality control and animation. All these experts are connected to client sites via high-bandwidth and dependable communication links.

Ongoing infrastructure investment and security enhancement

At Axis Technolabs, our endeavor is always directed towards continuous investment in infrastructure. This policy keeps us always in sync with changing technological innovations that are repeatedly updated. Along with this, we ensure that all the new innovations we undertake have the backing of a strong security infrastructure; thus safeguarding projects of our clients along with in-house data. For enhanced security, we have CCTV cameras and software to track project progress. Further, all employees are needed to sign confidential papers stating non-disclosure of crucial information related to projects and technology used.

The security concerns undertaken at our premise are as follows
  • Every project we undertake is on SVN; thus providing a secure environment for development
  • Punching card system
  • CCTV protection
  • Laptops, HDD and pen drives prohibited on premises

Good place to work

Further, we ensure that along with a secure and safe infrastructure environment for client data, our employees too are offered a warm and pleasant work space which is apt for their overall development. This also strengthens their work and eventually proves beneficial for projects they handle. This also ensures that due to the efficient work of our dedicated employees, clients are retained and they further provide us with references.

Some reasons why retention of employees is high at Axis Technolabs
  • High-tech work environment
  • Freedom rendered to employees in terms of presenting ideas, suggestions and feedback
  • Different projects and platforms to work
  • Licensed software used
  • Provision of conference and discussion rooms
  • Refreshment and sports facilities

Our development center has the following facilities:


  • Strategically developed infrastructure facilities spread over 5000 square feet usable area in Ahmedabad
  • Round the clock customer support facilities
  • Properly maintained and structured on-desk connectivity with clients across the globe based on high standard communication channels
  • 99% uptime guaranteed on basis of high speed leased line internet connectivity
  • Video conferencing facility
  • Instant messengers
  • Facilities adept at provision of direct access to key team members involved in projects
  • High quality system for project management for keeping in sync with regular and current updates related to project work


With such high standards of infrastructure facilities, Axis Technolabs can be your best partner for offshore outsourcing projects. Feel free to get in touch with us at for any queries related to infrastructure facilities at our center.