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Comprehensive quality assurance providing company

The work environment for software development is quite hectic and fast-paced. This necessitates that operations are smooth for delivery of enhanced projects. This makes it imperative that quality testing is given prime importance. This will ensure that errors are kept to the minimum while development and completely negated till deployment. This is where Axis Technolabs takes all the necessary trouble to ensure that processes are kept clean, testing is done rigorously and errors are rectified to perfection. Most importantly, we ensure that all this does not lead to hiking the project cost.

Skilled testing team

Axis Technolabs boasts of an expert team of testing professionals. All our team members are proficient in using latest advancements to perform the quality testing job to perfection. Moreover, our diversity of domain expertise allows us to ensure quality assurance across different verticals and devices.

The work process

Axis Technolabs works on set standards that ensure that all projects are handled to perfection and quality is always maintained. For this, we follow the below mentioned process.

The testing plan

The testing plan is first drafted in consultation with team members. This is based on all the standard specifications.


Once the plan is ready, testers begin executing it. Proven techniques and software is used for this purpose.

Bug reporting

Testers will then report any bugs detected during the execution process to developers.

Bug fixing

Once our developers receive the reports related to bugs, they begin the final fixing process. Once this is complete, the Quality Assurance team verifies it for final deployment.

Different tests offered by Axis Technolabs

UI testing

This test evaluates whether the application delivers according to needs. For this, the application is checked from the user perspective. This is done based on how user action will be prompted by the application. This testing helps to:


  • Ensure that client requirements are met correctly
  • Finding errors related to working mechanisms of interfaces
  • The final design becomes user friendly


Testing Navigation

This test ensures that the syntax and semantics of the application are appropriately applied. The compliance of application with device hardware is also checked during this test. Further, the application needs to adhere to navigation standards prescribed for the concerned device. Testers ensure that the navigation is perfect and allows ease of use to users.

Testing Usability

This test is done to evaluate how end users feel after using the application. Again, this test ensures that the aim of the developed product is met. For this, Axis Technolabs provides an end user test wherein testing guidelines are shared with end users via formal communication. All this aids to obtain correct feedback which can be acted upon accordingly.

Testing the Network

With networks such as Wi-Fi and 4G available these days, it becomes mandatory that your applications are testing with regards to them. This allows to check the performance and flexibility of the developed application.

Along with these testing methods, Axis Technolabs is also proficient in handling minor aspects related to technology. These include, but are not restricted to, browser testing for Chrome, IE, Safari etc. and also to check the responsive ability of websites across different platforms such as iPads, Mobile phones and desktops.

All these comprehensive testing services have made Axis Technolabs a preferred offshore outsourcing company in India. The thorough processes followed by us, have led to many satisfied customers who completely lay their trust on us.

You can connect with us at for knowing more about our testing processes.