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Information security and confidentiality High information security providing company

Axis Technolabs completely understands how important it is to maintain confidentiality for client data. This data is related to company information, project details and other such information that needs to be secure and access can be granted only to authorized personnel that include clients, project heads and management team.

Trustworthy relationship

Axis Technolabs knows that strong professional relationships are based on trust from either end. For ensuring this, we ensure that confidentiality of information is extremely secure as this acts as a strong binding force between us and our esteemed clients. This is what we believe at our core and have hence based our work culture encouraging this trust.

We have complete respect for client information security and know how critical this is. For this, our processes are totally security lapse proof as we limit access to vital client data to authorized members only. This access is related to networks, servers and workstations which have secure password protection.

How we secure data?

  • Every incoming and outgoing email is thoroughly verified to check harmful viruses

  • A Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed with clients which ensures project confidentiality. This agreement contains all information related to data collection and risk levels.

  • Along with the NDA, we have an agreement for web development too which our employees sign for coping with legal issues if any

  • Every project and work is monitored continuously for ensuring that the development environment is secure

Axis Technolabs hereby ensures that all agreements done by us are professionally followed and form the base for a trustworthy relationship with clients. You can completely bank on us for a healthy professional relationship; one that is long term.

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