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    • 13-Jun-16

    10 Things to keep in mind when you are Developing Android mobile App.

    When you are developing world class Android Mobile App, how would be mobile app development in company? What factors will you include when will you developing Android Mobile Application? How you can developing App? In the case when you are Android App Developer then you will obviously seen that there are many myriad apps on Google play store. Some applications are most popular as well many downloads like Whatsapp, Facebook etc, while others apps are remains bottom of the page always.

    There are almost 1.6 billion Android apps and 1.5 iOS apps in market now a days. The mobile users are increasing day by day and would be 5.07 billion by 2019. The above ratio says the mobile app users will be high in future so that in this case quality of mobile applications evaluate as much higher.

    Go through some important factors helps you to develop best android app development:

    1. Unique Development

    It is really remarkable that android users are little bit different from apple user. Its obviously that any people gets bored from one thing easily. Everyone wants to something different. Perhaps you should develop something different from the world android mobile app. Android app development leads totally different aim since they know who their customer are and what all are wants...

    2. Strong Market Research

    Market research, before you go for android app development you should do proper market research. You should include, know your competitors, competitors strength and their strategies etc... The reviews are the very basic and most important factor because these reviews becomes very helpful and it create very unique and wide content for your application.

    3. Research First Target Audience

    First define your target audience. If you meet your user's expectations, so your mobile app will be more popular in Big Market. This tips definitely works for planning your any mobile app.

    4. Effective and Elite Description

    Description should more informative so that when any user comes to your app on Google play store then should be able to ready each and everything about your app.

    5. Understand the Android Market

    Google play store for android app is bigger market place comparatively iOS. But the other fact is that iOS users spend 4 time more money on any application.

    6. No-clone

    Most of the android app developers do clone of iOS apps. Because any user don't want limitation, duplicity, replica etc.

    7. Simple but Live

    We are talking about average mobile app UI/UX design should be simple but attractive, so that every people can use easily the application and should not be bored.

    8. Follow Android Design Guidelines

    Its is the very difficult to give an attractive design to android applications, developer should follow the guidelines and instruction by Android Design Guidelines.

    9. Design Dynamic Layouts

    Dynamic design is always helps to be your mobile application because there are many size and screens in android OS. There in android applications many screens are stretch their content to fit different types of screens.

    10. Keep up with Latest Trend

    Developer should follow the latest trend OS. Suppose now a days Marshmallow is running so we should follow the OS compatibility for the all OS.

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