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    • 14-Jul-16

    Account Cashflow Statement in odoo Account Cash Flow Statement Reports in Excel or pdf Cashflow Statement with filter in odoo

    In odoo cash flow statement is a financial statement which is provide aggregate data regarding all cash inflows.Company receives from its ongoing operations and outer investment sources, Account cash flow statement reports in odoo includes all cash effluence which is pay for business activities and investments.

    Using Account cashflow statement apps in odoo you can print Treasury and Cash Flow Management in Excel and PDF and your existing Forecast and Cash Flow Management of accounts you have to setup configuration by going to every accounts, Account cashflow statement odoo module will use to get Cash Flow Statement and add new account in your chart of accounts you can set up same things. 

    This Account cash flow statement reports is totally based on accounts you configured for Cashflow Statement Invoice, Cash Flow Statemen and Account Cashflow Statement Report. In cashflow staetment in odoo, all accounts configured for Cash Flow will be automatically add on respected Financial Report selected on that account, Account Statement in Excel. After installing Odoo Account Cashflow Statement module you can set accounts for various activities such as odoo accounting activities, investing Activities and Cashflow Statement Invoice, Financial Activities.

    once you generate cash flow statement reports and generate with separate section for all account statements in Excel and PDF.Print account cashflow odoo module allow you to print Cash Flow Statement.

    Features of Account Cashflow in odoo :

    • Account Cashflow Report PDF

    • Account Cashflow Report in Excel

    • In Account Cashflow odoo Module you can Compare Year wise / Date wise cash flow

    • Posted-entries / All-entries includes in odoo cash flow statement.

    Generate Cash flow report for Posted-entries or All-entries.

    • Menu to generate Cash flow report in odoo

    • Select crieteria to print report

    • Yeayly PDF report

    • Yearly Excel Report

    • Datewise cash flow report based on Startdate and Enddate available in account cashflow in odoo

    • Datewise PDF report

    • Datewise Excel report

    Account cashflow statement module in odoo available in odoo14,odoo13,odoo12,odoo11 and odoo10s