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    • 13-Feb-20

    Why Choose Axis Technolabs for Odoo Migration?

    Current businesses are evolving at a speed of light. There are many scenarios when the old Odoo ERP just cannot keep up with the new changes. This is when the company wants to migrate to a better Odoo ERP solution, We are helping in implementation new features of odoo to increase productivity, adds-on new modules with changing trends.

    We can do Odoo migration in two cases:

    1. Odoo Code Migration:

    We figure out the level of customizations done in the current module and check for the same functionalities available in the new module by any means. If available then no need to customize the same in new version else we will make necessary changes in the new version to make sure previous flow exist in the new version and then start migration or upgrade odoo.

    2. Odoo Database Migration:

    When a client needs odoo database migration using the existing database to the latest version(odoo 13) without dropping any information. Auto script and ETL (Extract Transform and Load) tools are handy options for this task. However, sometimes it fails to transform all data and manually written script plays a good role to perform data migration. we execute the best practice to migrate a current database to a new version.

    Odoo migration is a structured approach. Our odoo experts team know the importance of step-by-step migration and always keep it structured with easy steps.

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