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    • 13-Jul-16

    Android App Developer Should Read Googles New App Approval Process

    Android App Developer Should Read Google’s New App Approval Process Every Android App Developer should know first Publishing Android App within the Google Play Store goes to differ than before. Developers business enterprise apps for android have to be compelled to bear in mind regarding the recent changes that are aimed toward up the standard of apps within the Google Play Store.

    Publishing android apps in Google Play Store

    Most Android App Developers browse or understand Google’s policies concerning app business enterprise before they begin out with the android app development method. android apps are printed in Google Play Store, the largest marketplace for all mobile apps on Android platform.

    Lately, Google is attempting to enhance the standard of apps on the shop and take away harmful malware. variety of apps within the Google Play Store have unproved credentials and might impede the phone moreover as fill it with malware.

    The start of the scoring system

    This was long due . Google has currently introduced a replacement app approval process system that uses the scoring system. Android Developers are forever plagued by any changes within the rule by Google and therefore the biggest scare remains the chance of being rejected.

    Don’t worry regarding the recent changes if you’re attempting to push quality into your apps – Google doesn't wish to reject apps. All they require is to manage the calibre and malware crammed apps through these recent updates.

    There are 3 things associate android developer should understand the new app approval system:

    1. Age primarily based scoring system

    Google has introduced new age-based scoring system very similar to media content on the net. Criteria for this scoring system would be set by organizations like IARC (International Age Rating Coalition). For countries that don't have such rating organization, are going to be ready to read solely generic ratings. The rating is intended to regulate the content an underage user ought to see.

    2. Questions and answers

    Google has added an individual's touch to the approval system. android app developers can got to fill the questionnaires whereas submitting their app for approval. This form can decide the age rating additionally as facilitate perceive the app on human level. However, however this form can impact the approval of app aside from its age rating remains not clear and remains to be seen among successive few weeks.

    3. Reduction for Malware Affection

    Developers is also afraid that rejection rate of apps might increase because of these changes however significantly, the rejection rate of malware applications can increase and even the apps that violate Google’s new policy are going to be suspended. setting on Google market can become a lot of healthy and carry quality app, that is nice news for user in addition as for developers.

    The new policy changes in app approval by Google don't interfere with the app development method in anyway. Developers will still follow the app development standards that are with success followed and submit high-quality apps to the Google Play Store as before.

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