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    • 01-May-19

    Android app development tools that help to overcome challenges

    With more than 1.5 billion smartphone users across the globe, individuals user use mobile applications for several reasons be it shopping, entertainment or education. Smart Mobile revolution has a huge of opportunities for organizations to launch mobile app object at driving customers loyalty, increasing revenue, or enhancing engagement level. for Further more, So many IT organizations also increase mobile application development to increase employees/customers intuitive user experience.

    Before we taking a hump into mobile app development verboseness, It is important to understand all ecosystem. Know your audience, understand which platform to build for and features to include.

    Few fector which are most challenging when you develop mobile app


    • 1)Software Fragmentation: With new versions of Android operating system already launched this and every year and the problem of fragmentation is getting very complex in every year. Unlike iOS, the adoption rate of the latest version of Android continues to be materially slow. As a result, the developers are focusing on target multiple versions of Android while developing mobile apps. but Android app development challenging as it is difficult to build an application that leverage the features that provided by the latest versions of Android system.
    • 2)Device Fragmentation:Unlike iOS, Android is open source and it is allowing different device manufacturers to customize Android OS without any constraint. This adds to the situation of Android developers as the hardware features provided by differ considerably. Android devices can come with finger print sensors, whereas others devices may not support the functionality. this is also big challenge
    • 3) User Interface for Android:This is different to make UI for mobile app developers to build an Android app which functions seamlessly run with android devices. Android Developers need to refer and implement the UI design guidelines which is recommended by Google to make their Android apps look perfect. But Android developers have to explore ways to keep the application layout and adaptive to make the app compatible with individual devices.


    Top Android App Development Tools and Platforms

    • • Android Studio
    • • Eclipse
    • • IntelliJIDEA
    • • DroidEdit
    • • Android-IDE
    • • Universal Image Loader
    • • GSon
    • • Retrofit
    • • Awesome Java
    • • AndroidView Animations
    • • Plugin collection for IntelliJ

    Conclusion of this blog

    This is very important to create a custom mobile app development strategy to identify & overcome these big challenges in Android app development. In order to overcome problems that associated with Android App development, It is necessary to select the right tool and partner with a top.

    If you need any kind of help in Android application development

    We can help you to develop your android app which help to grow your client and your business