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    • 01-May-17

    Top 8 BEST PHP Web Development Frameworks

    Php heros always love php language, This language is server side scripting and php developer is use this best language for web application development, website building and desktop base software development,, don't waste your time and have a look php tools and php framework with brifth description.

    Why Php Developer is use php framework?

    Before introduce php frameworks detail and feature you need to know why php developer is generation of php developer is always existed about unique and innovative development so, If we need to build strong web application or website then framework is necessary to implement reliable robust, proven architect and secure php web application..

    If we go through php framework then definitely reach out and speedy process to build new php web application second think import to choose right framework to build website/web application.. Website project wise php expert developers choose php framework.

    Here is 8 most popular php web development, Php developer is always use:

    1. LARAVEL 2. Symfony
    3. CodeIgniter 4. Yii
    5. CakePHP 6. Zend
    7. Phalcon 8. Slim

    1. LARAVEL

    LARAVEL php framework this time very popular framework for build large scale php web application not just framework but this is one stop solution to develop ecommerce website as well as one of largest laravel web developer community is providing how to call restful API with laravel smart code to build custom library. Laravel is recently release LUMEN micro framework which is perfect solution for building Laravel based micro services and getting fast APIs. one of the fastest micro-frameworks of Laravel.

    Laravel has couple of features that like create rapid app development is possible, LARAVEL have a own lightweight templating engine called “Blade”. One of the best feature is elegants syntax for tasks you frequently need to do. Laravel other features is are authentication, sessions, queueing, caching and RESTful routing as well as LARAVEL include Local build environment also know as Homestead that is a packaged Vagrant box.

    2. Symfony

    Symfony is largest framework of php which is certain phpBB forum software. Symfony PHP framework consists of a whole set of reusable tools, components and an active community that take up php to a new enhanced level.

    You can install any of the Components with the Composer PHP framework dependency manager. The website of Symfony having best showcase section where take peek at the projects developers with the help of this handy framework.

    3. CodeIgniter

    Codeigniter is all time superior and lightweight PHP framework, it is known for its upfront installation process that needs minimal configuration. It is helping developers and save a lot of row. It can be the right option if the user wants to avoid PHP version conflicts because it works well on almost all the shared and dedicated hosting platforms.

    Some of the common features that make CodeIgniter popular are: no large scale monolithic libraries, nearly zero configuration, no restrictive coding rules, no requirement for template language, and many more.

    This PHP framework is not strictly based on the MVC development pattern. It requires using Controller classes, but Models and Views are optional. The users can use their own coding and naming conventions. It is known to be a very lean framework that allows the developers to add third-party plugins if complicated features and functionalities are required.

    4. Yii Framework

    Yii, The Fast, Secure and Professional PHP Framework this is good choice when you developing new high quality web-applications in quick time. PHP5 that promotes clean, DRY design and encourages rapid development. It’s work on streamline your application development and helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible, and maintainable end product.

    Yii team is released Yii 2 framework for enhance web application as well as Yii 2 is working best with php7 and Yii beginner may be don’t know about Yii & Yii2 framework contribute with github and Yii Php framework experts are utilize github contribution even Yii framework community is always prefer github contribution.

    5. CakePHP

    Stronger. Tastier. CakePHP makes building web applications simpler, faster, while require less code. The modern php 7 framework offering a flexible database access step and a powerful stage set system that makes building both small and complex systems lucid, basic and, of course, zestful.

    CakePHP is the best web development framework for PHP which uses commonly known design patterns like active record, association data mapping, front controller and MVC. As well as PHP developers at all levels to fast develop cake php web application, without any loss to flexibility.

    If you think build a cakePHP web application or website then we are always ready to build.

    6. Zend php framework

    Zend Framework is a collection of professional PHP packages with more than 130 millions+ installations. Zend framework is most of use for big or entire price php web application using PHP 5.6+ as well as providing 100% object-oriented coding using composer as a package dependency manager, PHPUnit to test all packages.

    Zend framework uses Travis CI as a continuous Integration services. Zend framework obtained from both Zend framework 2 and Zend framework 1 advancing.

    Zend expert developers always use below mentioned Zend’s libraries, tools, server and software:

    • Zend Studio
    • Zend Server
    • Zend Framework Tool
    • ZendBarcode

    We have the experts Zend developer team they are build zend web application, so come and hire our dedicated zend framework developers on a trial basis.

    7. Phalcon framework

    Introducing full-stack phalcon PHP framework.. A polling app built from scratch using phalcon framework, many php developer may be don’t know about phalcon framework is still use for build reliable, robust and fast php base web application.

    Few feature of Phalcon php framework:

    • Low overhead
    • MVC & HMVC
    • Dependency Injection
    • Autoloader
    • Router

    Below listed DATA and STOREAGE libraries of Phalcon framework:

    • ORM - Object Relation Mapping
    • PHQL - The The powerful and secure Phalcon Query Language, PHQL
    • ODM for MongoDB - Object Document Mapping for MongoDB
    • Cache - ODM for MongoDB Object Document Mapping for MongoDB

    8. Slim framework

    Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple and powerful web applications and APIs.

    Few feature of Slim php framework

    • HTTP Router
    • Middleware
    • PSR-7 Support
    • Dependency Injection


    PHP frameworks have been around guys and are advised to be a preferred choice of php developers for build basic or complex web applications. They have been dynamic way websites are build-up. Developers/programmer use common PHP frameworks for large scale open source projects as well as enterprise CMS and CRM systems.

    Different frameworks come with different concepts, libraries and methodologies. Hence, the developers should choose the right framework to meet the best PHP application development requirements of today.

    We are always happy to build php web application in USA, CANADA, UK, DENMARK, BELGIUM, UAE, AND INDIA..