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    • 05-Mar-21

    Dynamic Sales Dashboard with modern UI and responsive dashboard in odoo

    Modern Sales Dashboard in Odoo, View real-time sales KPIs in odoo sales dashboard Dynamic Odoo sales dashboard is a grand tool or module to stay on top of your relevant sales KPIs , also observe them in one middle place.

    Odoo Sales Dashboard

    helps you to reach your goals through briefly analyses of your sales performance.

    Modern Odoo Sales Dashboard Module

    allows the configuration of different factors like, sale totally summary and sale today summary dashboard unders menu.

    Responsive sales odoo dashboard apps allows to take significant business decisions quickly by overseeing essential stats on your self configured sales dashboard module in odoo. 

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    Exclusive features of

    Odoo Modern Sales Dashboard includes following features


    • Count of Quotations available in this dynamic odoo dashboard

    • Total No. of Sale Orders Count

    • Count of Quotations sent

    • Count of Quotations Cancel

    • Number of Partners Count

    • Number of Customers Count

    • Number of Invoices Count

    • Using Sales dahbosrd in odoo include top 10 Sold Orders

    • Last 10 Quotations Sent Details

    • List Sales Order Cancel

    • Top Customers available in responsive sales odoo module

    • Last Sale Order A/c to Customer bar chart

    • Recent Customer pie chart

    • Customer wise Sale order count

    • Price wise products sale

    • Top Sales Team pie chart

    • Recent 5 Sale Order pie chart

    • PDF download for each dashboard features list available in this odoo sales dashbosrd module.


    You can add us on Skype or Email us for how to configure and setup sales dashboard in odoo, dynamic sales dashboard in odoo, odoo sales dashboard, We will provide you free support for configure modern sales dashboard in odoo.

    You can download and configure sales dashboard in odoo with step by step process:

    Sales Dashboard Odoo Module Includes :

    • Quotations View

    • Top Customers

    • Sale Orders

    • See Partners

    • Amount invoiced

    • Configure

      This dynamic modern odoo sales module is contain All in One Dynamic Sales Dashboard in odoo14, odoo13, odoo12 Community and Enterprise Edition

    Sales Dashboard Odoo Module Includes:

    • Quotations View :  Sales dashboard in odoo contain quotation view items in odoo backend

    • Top Customers :  Top customer with pie chart and bar charts that help to see top customer in odoo

    • Sale Orders :  Sales order counts and order list see in data table in sale dashboard in odoo

    • See Partners :  Counts and partners see in data table list in sale dashboard of odoo

    • Amount invoiced :  

      Odoo sales dashboard

      - display Count in total amount invoiced in odoo

    • Easy to Configure :  This sales dashboard in odoo is easy to set up and configure with few clicks.

    Sales Dashboard Odoo Module Screenshots and Flow

    Modern Sales Dashboard in Odoo, Sales Dashboard odoo dashboard module in odoo apps

    Sales order cancel status, Top customer, Last sale order a/c to customer in odoo

    Sales Dashboard Odoo Module, Modern odoo sales dashboard for odoo 14, odoo 13, odoo 12 community and enterprice
    Configure dashboard, Go to Setting => User => Select below mentioned option, - Dashboards will display as per selected option 

    Odoo Website Sales Dashboard module

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