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    • 22-Aug-16

    Ensure Childs Safety with School Bus Tracking App

    Today’s fast track life and difficult life style warrant both parents to work long hours to create the ends meet in their day to day life. If you are a parent, you need to simply accept the very fact that the world will generally be an unsafe place to live in particularly for the children. Its no longer a surprise to understand that many modern parents worry for the security and safety of their children. Undeniably, these are things that make them worry regarding.

    There are actually some ways on however parents protect their children. however since they are now living during a web based mostly surroundings, most parents are investment on technology. In line with this, a modern device is currently invented allowing the parents to watch and secure their children while travelling to school within the easiest possible way. Our App device is mounted on to the school bus, giving method for a good and reliable school bus following system ensuring the safety and protection of children going to school on regular basis.

    The school bus tracking device will be becoming on to the bus that has the capability of reading RFID tag and also reporting its position utilizing GPS. The system also options a display showing student details when their RFID tag are being in this app. When a student details this can log and indicate whether the student is either getting out of the School bus. This is supported algorithm and timing.

    School bus tracking device is specially mobile app developed for school transportation allowing people to watch and track students in a safe way. This would make up a reliable school bus tracking system to provide immediate and accurate answers to parents and traveller as well. This can also be used by the school personnel in charge of the school transportation to make sure that bus drivers with the rules of students will never be at random.

    Push Notification and Alert

    • Driver can get the push notification from this app. and Parents can get alert message or posh notification to track bus location and will be ready to pick up his/her childs.
    • Traveller get the push notification or alert from this app for school bus reached at school location.
    • Parents will be alert by push notification or alert that his/her childs near about to pick up place.

    School bus tracking Functionalities:

    School Bus Tracking system provides real time location Data and display the movement of the bus along with the time , direction in the school bus on a Google map.Replay the route that a bus has taken to driver. A special service from our school bus tracking where parents of the area can be sent alerts as to when the bus is reaching their respective stop. Traveller show every path to driver in this app.

    Our tracking system Solution helps you track school bus through GPS tracking system on duty, driver performance, fuel consumption and route monitoring real-time, through a secured and user-friendly web/ mobile interface. With our reliable services, you can focus on your core business requirements.

    Parents can see to track the school bus online and check if the school bus is on route or not.Parents can fetch the last children’s location of the bus as well.Parents will get notifications if the bus is out of route. Ability to send any notifications by traveller admin to parents and driver.

    School bus Tracking App Features:

    • Real-time Tracking & Tracing
    • Comprehensive control by pin-pointing the location, speed & heading of all school bus for live monitoring.
    • Built-in General Packet Radio Services (GPRS)
    • Student Transport Route Planning, Route & Schedule Adherence, Route Optimization.
    • Simple boarding & alighting RFID tapping by students to authenticate and gather accurate ID for bus drivers.

    Advantages of our School Bus Tracking Application:

    • Real-time Information
    • Communication
    • Improved Accuracy
    • 100% Student Safety from App

    We are developing school bus tracking app for Android or iOS mobile phone. Our experts Developer can help to give on-going client support and provide extensible options. if you have any creative ideas to grow your business with our mobile app development services then you can contact with us any time at our company.