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    • 21-Aug-18

    Event Management in Odoo

    We providing odoo developer to develop event management tool for an attendees and exhibitors. We know in every industry they are conducting many events for marketing purpose and for expressing their business strategy and showcase of them work and products. Most of the ERP doesn’t provide such event management system and also not providing email invitation and other important features. But our odoo event management system/software solution provides a simple and nice event management with fully features. We planing and executing the events easily through the event management module in Odoo. So we can say that Odoo can manage every event efficiently with highly secure.

    It shows our every event categories like a seminar, debate, webinars, email invitation so on. So after creating these categories, we implement plan for events under these categories. User can mention event name, organizer, start date, end date and so on. Also user can also schedule email like notification email or reminder email from Email management.

    Then Event manager can manage register attendees for each event. Also, have an option to cancel or confirm the registration. When user confirm one attendee then you can give a badge for him with sending a confirmation email.

    We deploy your odoo event management system on the very efficient cloud server like Amazon web services,Google Cloud, bitnami, Digital ocean, Microsoft AZURE, Alibaba Cloud. this is the perfect solution for your odoo projects. We are providing odoo installation, data migration, backup on AWS.

    Odoo event management module provides an efficient report analysis with updated database. So we can analyze the report by date, organizer, category, attendees, etc. This is one of the main advantages of Odoo event management module.


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