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    • 17-Jul-16

    How Glorious Unity 3d Game Development and Its Silent Features

    Unity 3d game development since five years of unity gaming environment for highly interactive 3D on the web browser, iPhone, MAC, Android, Wii, Xbox 360 and also for play station. In 2016 unity 3d is the #1 game engine on the market. The unity environment also facilitates cross-platform publishing and possesses with high number of 3d characters and objects. Unity's environment supports to unity game developer with reduced time and cost of gaming and easy creation of unique and highly interactive graphics games. The unity game environment provides flexibility to deploy project on different mobile OS like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

    Unity has mainly three individual section, which are highly important for mobile game development:

    l Unity Game Engine: Game engine used to creation of games, game testing and game implementation in diverse environment.

    l Unity Game UI/UX Design: A game where design and created UI graphics and also available play game option.

    l Unity Code Editor: Unity code editor is for the game programming in C# based. Perhaps developer prefer using other editors also.

    Unity also has the detail documentation and example demo of the unity game engine and it is the free for all the developer for the professional game development environment.

    The Unity IDE provides an interface for game development, the UI separates the design phase and background for decrease complexity. With the help of C# coding developer can set the more accurate animations and game visualization. Unity 3d studio have its own library for integrate audio, video, multiple character creation, scenes and incorporate action using a visual interface.

    Now we discuss some silent features of Unity 3D

    Rendering: The graphics engine of unity 3d using different standards, Direct3D, OpenGL ES and OpenGL for different mobile devices, web browsers and also on play station. And also event supports like parallax, bump mapping, reflection and perhaps provides the text rendering. It also includes multiple formats including the Adobe Photoshop, 3ds Max and Blender.

    Scripting: The most editor used with unity 3d studio is Mono. Programmer can write any unity program in C# language.

    Assets Tracking: Unity 3d studio has an efficient assets server-control solution for manage mono scripts and game assets setup. In the studio PostgreSQL is used as a backend system for audio playing and processing and Theora Codec is utilized for clear and brief video playback. And a terrain engine provides the global illumination and light mapping for the recreation and apply live game environment.

    Physics: The unity studio uses the PhysX physics engine and can actually perform real time cloth simulation and air simulation with the help of innumerable skinned meshes, collision layer and ray casts.

    Unity 3d is really nice environment for mobile game development. Kindly Contact Us for any innovative ideas about game development. We would be glade to discuss with you and also provides game development services.

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