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    • 18-Jan-21

    All In One Import data in odoo for Sales Import POS Orders Import POS Orders Purchase Invoice Import Stock Inventory Import Product Bill of material Payment Bank Statement All Entry Order Picking Product Customer Stock Account charts Sales Pricelist Supplier all data import in odoo using EXCEL or CSV

    Using All In One Import Bridge Module in odoo

    you can Import all odoo data

    such as picking, import POS orders in odoo, order line, sales data, products, payment, invoice, inventory, pricelist, purchase, journal entry, bank entry, only with our all in one data import in CSV file or Excel file.

    Using Odoo import bridge

    Import data in odoo for Sales Import, POS Orders Import POS Orders Purchase, Invoice Import, Stock Inventory Import, Product Bill of material, Payment Bank Statement import available in odoo 12, odoo 13 and odoo 14 You need to select the individual data file in .csv or .xlsx format and upload it in odoo, With some clicks data import in odoo successful.

    There are no need to add data individually

    Easy to Use

    Import product pricelist in odoo

            If anyone need any help to import extra fields from odoo from our sample files, you will add those fields as per your import module requirement.

    Customized Dashboard for all import-Module :

    List of fields :

    • Sale

    • Purchase

    • Invoice

    • Sale pricelist

    • Partner

    • POS

    • Vendor pricelist

    • Product template

    • Product pricelist

    • Inventory

    • Inventory Adjustment

    • Bill of material

    • Payment

    Import Data file Sample :

    Import Vendor Pricelist Wizard

    Vendor Pricelist View

    Import Inventory

    Import Inventory Menu

    Import Inventory Wizard

    Inventory View

    Import Inventory Adjustment

    Import Inventory Adjustment Menu

    Import Inventory Adjustment Wizard

    Inventory Adjustment View

    Import Product Template

    Import Product Template Menu(Without Attribute) Wizard

    Product Template View

    Import Product Template Menu(With Attribute) Wizard

    Product Template View

    Import Sale Pricelist

    Import Sale Pricelist Menu

    Import Sale Pricelist Wizard

    Sale Pricelist View

    Import Pos Order in odoo

    Import Option

    POS Order View

    Import Vendor Pricelist Menu

    Bank of Account View

    Import Vendor Pricelists

    Import Product Pricelist Wizard

    Import Chart of Account Wizard

    Import Sale Order View

    Import Sale Order Line

    Import Sale Order Line Menu

    Import Sale Order Line Wizard(Take deatils from Product

    Import Sale Order Line View

    Import all Order Line Wizard(Details from XLS File)

    Import Sale Order Line View

    Import Bill of Material in odoo

    Import Bill of Material Menu

    Import Bill of Material Wizard

    Bill of Material View

    Import Purchase Order

    Import Purchase Order Menu

    Import Purchase Order Wizard(With draft)

    Purchase View

    Import Purchase Order Wizard(With Confirmed)

    Import Purchase Order Lines

    Import Purchase Order Line Wizard

    Purchase View

    Import Purchase Order Line with XLSX File

    Import Partner

    Import Partner Menu

    Import Partner Wizard

    Partner View

    Import Product Pricelist in odoo

    Import Product Pricelist Menu

    Product Pricelist View

    Import Chart of Account

    Import with Code

    Import with Barcode

    Import with Name

    Import Invoice Menu

    Import Invoice Wizard(With Draft Invoice)

    Invoice View

    Import Invoice Wizard(With Confirmed Invoice)

    Import Customer/Supplier Payment

    Import Payment Menu

    Import Customer Wizard

    Import Customer Payment View

    Import Supplier Wizard

    Import Supplier View

    Import Bank Statement Line

    Accounting Menu Wizard

    Click on Add Bank Statement Lines

    Import Bank Statement Lines

    Import Sale Order

    Import Sale Order Wizard(With draft Quotation)

    Sale Order View(With draft Quotation)

    Import Sale Order Wizard(With Confirm Quotation)

    Sale Order View(With Confirm Quotation)

    Import Sale Order Wizard(Using Sequence of CSV/XLSX File)

    Import Chart of Account Menu

    AxisTechnolabs provide individually module of all import data in odoo :

    1 ) Import POS Orders From Excel,Import POS Orders From CSV in odoo,Import Point Of Sale Orders Module In Odoo

    Odoo POS module is use to import point of sales - Import POS orders transaction using CSV or XLS file in odoo ERP.This Odoo module is best POS solution in odoo it will be impressive when users have POS data in excel or csv file with numerous POS orders and order lines,In odoo using Point of sale module user can import this with only one click using the sample file format suggested on module.

    IImport POS in odoo, Import Point of Sale in odoo 14, 13, 12
    • Important Features of Import POS Orders from Excel/CSV :

    • We can import bulk POS Orders in POS Order odoo module

    • Order import CSV or XLS or XLSX File Format

    2) Import Product Variants from CSV/Excel Odoo module Advance Import Products Variant in Odoo website

    Axistechnolabs are separatly provide Import Product Variant module in odoo Available in odoo V12 and odoo V13. Import Product variants odoo module is used to manage products having different-different variations, like size, color,status etc. Advance Import variant module in odoo manage the product at the template level and variant level.

    Import Product Variant from CSV/Excel file for Advance Import Products Variant in odoo website

    This product import odoo module helps to import products with product variants from the CSV / Excel file. Product variant module enable features to import custom fields also. this will auto-create or update product and product variant from CSV/Excel.Also Odoo Import product variant module has time saving features.You can identify the product variant in field.

    Features of import product variants from CSV/Excel odoo module

    • Import product variants in this odoo module

    • Create product variants

    • Data import alert in import product variants odoo module

    • Sample CSV or Excel

    • Import Mass / Bulk records in this import product odoo module

    • Easy and Save your Time using import product variants odoo module

    3) Import bill of materials (import BOM in odoo) using Excel or CSV File in odoo :

    Import bill of materials (import BOM in odoo) using Excel or CSV File in odoo

    Import Odoo BOM module helps to import Bill of material(BOM) with BOM lines in Open ERP, Import Bill Of Materials Odoo applications has feature for Bill of materials import from excel or csv file, This module including BOM lines with other fields of Bills of Material view.

    Exclusive Feature of import bill of material in odoo :

    • Import Bill of Material in bulk in Import odoo BOM module

    • Import Bill of Material with type

    • Import product option easy in this import bill of material odoo module

    • Bill of material view

    • Super easy steps to configuration in BOM module

    • Very easy to use to import BOM data in import bill of material odoo module

    4) Import Price list in odoo, Bulk Import Product Price list odoo, Import Vendor Price list, Import Sale Price list in odoo :

    Import Price list in odoo, Bulk Import Product Price list odoo, Import Vendor Price list, Import Sale Price list in odoo (Multiple)

    Import price list odoo module is allows to import sale pricelist, import Vendor pricelist and import product pricelist with multiple pricelist lines using CSV and XLS file with easy step to provided for import pricelist in odoo. Import sale price list module is available in odoo 11,odoo 12 and odoo 13.

    Features Of Import Vendor Pricelist In Odoo :

    • Import Product Pricelist in bulk import product price odoo list in odoo

    • Import Vendor Pricelist in odoo

    • Import Sale Price list in odoo

    • Import data from CSV/XLS file in odoo import price list.

    • Sample CSV or Excel Added

    • Pricelist odoo module is Easy and Save your Time

    4) Import Stock Inventory from Excel/CSV File in odoo

    Import Stock Inventory from Excel/CSV File in odoo

    With Import inventory adjustment in odoo, all inventory data get corrected in odoo. Using stock inventory import module csv file in odoo, create file format as shown below and follow guidelines for Import Stock Inventory from Excel/CSV File in odoo. When we import file using some clicks, Your all inventory or product stock will imported with given a lot of and serial number along with packages details added on files in odoo inventory module.

    Import Stock Inventory in odoo with Serial and Import Lot Number in odoo from Excel/CSV in Odoo Apps

    Exclusive Features of Import inventory stock module in odoo :

    Import Bulk Serial Number in odoo module

    • Import Bulk Lot Number in odoo

    • Import Inventory Line Location in this module.

    • Import Opening Stock Balance

    • Warning Display

    • Support Excel and CSV file

    • Import Product Code/Name/Barcode

    • Import Inventory Adjustments Menu in import stock inventory module.

    • Easy to Configuration in import inventory module.

    If you need any help in import data in odoo then you can Contact us or send us an email: