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    • 18-Jan-21

    Import Inventory Stock in odoo with Serial and Import Lot Number in odoo from Excel CSV in Odoo Apps

    Import stock inventory with serial in odoo will helps you to import stock inventory and serial number in odoo, Import your inventory stock along with lot number and serial number from EXCEL / CSV in odoo apps.Using Import stock inventory module in odoo apps when we import file in single click your inventory or product stock get corrected or imported with provided lot and serial number along with packages details.Using Import Inventory stock odoo module check existing lot or serial number, it is  packages,if exists it then it will link picking with those serial number, lot number and packages otherwise it will create new one in odoo apps.If  we are confuse in inventory import in odoo then this Import stock inventory module will provide perfect solution.
    Import inventory adjustment in odoo,all inventory data get corrected in odoo. Using stock inventory import module csv file in odoo, create file format as shown below and follow guidelines for Import Stock Inventory from Excel/CSV File in odoo. When you import file using some clicks, Your all inventory or product stock will imported with given lot and serial number along with packages details added on files in odoo module.
    If we want to import extra fields from default odoo field using sample files, we will add in Odoo import inventory stock module.

    Features of Import inventory stock module in odoo :Import Bulk Serial Number in odoo module

    • Import Bulk Lot Number in odoo

    • Import Inventory Line Location in this module.

    • Import Opening Stock Balance

    • Warning Display

    • Support Excel and CSV file

    • Import Product Code/Name/Barcode

    • Import Inventory Adjustments Menu

    • Easy to Configuration in import inventory module.