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    • 18-Jan-21

    Import POS Orders From Excel Import POS Orders From CSV in Odoo Import Point Of Sale Orders Module In Odoo

    In AxisTechnolabs separately Import POS Orders Odoo module  available.We are implemented functionality to import bulk or multiple pos order import with multiple POS order record with few clicks. This import POS Orders module is very useful for users has order data of POS in excel or csv file.
    Import POS Orders module is available in odoo 13, odoo 12 and odoo 11.
    Odoo POS module helps to import point of sales - Import POS orders transaction using CSV or XLS file in odoo ERP. Using  Point Of Sale module in odoo provide features to import more then one point of sales orders with multiple POS order lines from one file with single click. This Odoo module is best POS solution in odoo it will be effective when users have POS data in excel or csv file with multiple POS orders and order lines,In odoo’s Point of sale module user can import this with only one click using the sample file format suggested on module.

    Exclusive Features of Import POS Orders from Excel/CSV :

    • We can import bulk POS Orders in this odoo module

    • Order import CSV or XLS or XLSX File Format