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    • 02-Mar-20

    Import POS Orders using Excel in odoo

    We have implemented functionality to import bulk pos orders in odoo or multiple pos orders with multiple POS order record with few clicks. This Odoo app is very useful for users has order data of POS in excel or CSV file, Also preferable for import multiple POS orders in odoo.


    Import Bulk POS Orders

    This module will help you to reduce your time and easily process for import bulk pos order in odoo, Easy to setup and support multiple and bulk pos orders using xls or csv file.

    CSV or XLS or XLSX File Format

    We have implemented import pos order using .XLS or .XLSX .CSV file in odoo. Following example file will help you to add your orders, Please make sure the file is create and import as per following format:

    You need to create Excel File or CSV same as Following format:

    #Copy following columns for sample file to import orders in pos

    Name  |  Session  |   Date Order  |   Sales Person  |   Customer  |   Product   |   default_code   |   Price|Discount   |   Tax  |   Quantity

    See more information:

    If you want to start a discussion with us or have a question related to this module, please contact us

    (This module odoo supported in odoo 13, 12 and 11) and compatible in enterprise & community

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