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    • 10-Apr-19

    odoo multi company point of sale configuration

    Know how to configure Odoo Point of Sales or POS configuration in odoo with following steps

    Odoo POS Configuration:

    Goto Menu icon → Point of Sale(POS) → Configuration → Point of Sale(POS) → Click on Create button

    Go to inventory section in point of sale module and find the option

    - Select Operation Type and set value - OnlyPoSCompany: PoS Orders
    - Select Stock Location and set value - OnlyP/Stock

    Now Here You can Access Odoo POS under the Dashboard

    In odoo POS, On one click create a new session or continue Odoo POS on an existing one.

    Click on Resume button.


    2. On odoo POS instance, Click to the product your customer wants to purchase

    Click to Payment button

    3. Now on odoo POS instance, Select the Lot number of the product that your customer wants.

    4. Else you can create a quotation for later use in odoo POS.

    Enter Delivery Date and Add note and then click Create Order button

    5. On Odoo POS instance, Enter the amount and validate it.

    Enter the amount received and click on Validate button to print receipt

    6.Now print the generated receipt and move to the next order on Odoo POS dashboard.

    Check IR in receipt and click on Next Order button to go for next order.

    Odoo Multi-company Point of Sale Configuration:

    Goto Under the Menu Icon → Setting → General Setting → Select Multi-companies

    1. Create a Company in odoo POS

    Goto Menu Section → Setting → User & Companies → Companies → Create after entering the necessary details of company like name,  GSTIN so on..

    Click on Save. Button

    2. Create a user in odoo POS

    Goto Menu Icon → Setting → Users & Companies → Users → Create select the company for which the user has to be created. 

    After User has been created.

    Go to Action option and change password and if you need new one then enter new password and click to Change password.

    3. Create a PoS configuration

    For the PoS module using companies,

    Goto Menu icon → Inventory → Configuration → Select Operation types → Open PoS Orders → Click on Edit

    Configure all settings which your customer want to setup.

    In odoo POS reference sequence pop up a check for the company and set it to the current company if it is not there by default.

    In Warehouse pop up, check for the company s address and set it to the current company if not present there by default.

    In odoo instance, when one login through a user account who has access to the company s backend only with the sales module.

    When odoo user login with a User Account that has access to PoS only.

    When one login with a new user account who has access to the Sales Commission module in odoo.

    Goto  Sales → Orders → Customers


    When a new user has Point of Sales Module access in Odoo.

    Goto Point of Sales → Orders → Customers. And remove the filter “customer”.

    After removing the “customers” filter in Odoo instance, search for the current user. Click on User’s profile and click on Edit button.

    Enter an email address for the User and click Save.

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