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    • 05-Mar-21

    All In One Odoo POS for Retail Store Grow your business with Odoo POS

    when we are working with an Odoo’s online Point of Sale web application, user want a simple and user-friendly solution Concept of Point Of Sale in Odoo is the platform where your customer makes a payment for products & services at your shop. In simply, every time a customer purchases at your store, they are complete point of a sale transaction.

    In short, Retail POS in odoo for understand retailer’s needs and Best Advanced Stock Management, Point of Sale & Invoicing application management in odoo and complete point of sale system(POS) odoo module for Retail with multi purposes.

    Basic Key Features of POS Module :

    • Sales Reporting

    • Online or Offline feature in Odoo Point of Sale connection stays reliable even if your not connected to the internet.

    • Customer Management

    • Employee Reporting and Management

    • Odoo’s Point Of Sale Software Supported in Odoo Community

    Shops/Stores with Products :

    • Grocery Shop POS

    • Super market POS

    • Pharmacy POS

    • Fashion Stop POS

    • Cosmetic Shop

    • Tiles Showroom

    • Construction Material POS

    • Furniture Shop POS

    • Book Shop POS

    • Plastic Shop

    • Food shop POS

    • Departmental Store POS

    • Wholesale POS

    Shops/Stores With Products and Services :

    • Computer Shop POS

    • Electronic Shop POS

    • Mobile Shop

    • Electrical Parts/Equipment

    • Hardware Parts and Material Shop

    • Watch Shop

    • Glass Shop

    • Jewelry Shop

    • Footwear, Liquor shops, Sanitary & Hardware

    • Salon or Spa

    • Home Appliances and Digital product

    • Restaurants food & many more

    Main Feature of Odoo POS System :

    • Odoo POS all in one Support multi type of business retailer like grocery / cafe-restaurant foods item / Salon product

    • We can use display Warehouse Quantity in odoo pos screen

    • Promotions, Manage Serial/Lot Numbers of pos products in odoo

    • Product Variants and Product type add in Open ERP POS System.

    • Inventory Management: Stock transfer, Stock adjustment and Stock Overview

    • Multi Registers available in Odoo POS Module.

    • Products pricing management avilable in Odoo’s Point Of Sale Software

    • Discount and coupon mentioned in POS Odoo Solution

    • Manage user allow login to POS panel

    • Receipt , barcode label, Print & Email Receipts

    • Cash Management - money in and money out

    • Report Transactions and Sales

    • Manage Active login session, session information contain: cashier name, locations

    • Logoff function available in All in One Pos Module

    • Handling multiple customers

    • Simple stock management

    • Products with product taxes price and percentage add

    • On-Screen Keyboard (you enables or disabled in the setting page)

    • Set Receipt Header and set your logo

    • Supports multi language

    • Auto calculate profit/loss reports is available in odoo’s retail store.

    • Admin can add team members and set different permissions

    We have added following Reports in Odoo POS Retail

    • POS Graph View Report in odoo

    • Insights with X-Report in odoo

    • Today Sale Report in odoo

    • POS Products Sales Summary Report in odoo

    • Orders Overview Report in odoo

    • Products Summary Report in odoo

    • Payment Summary Report in odoo

    • Session and Inventory Audit Report in odoo

    So why are retailers not taking steps towards POS (Point of Sale)? To begin with, implementing and adopting new technology, especially technology that is central to your business process, can be scary and overwhelming. Retailers need to consider the negative outcomes of failing to have a POS software at there place.

    POS Retail in Odoo

    • POS Login from here you can Login in to the pos screen

    • you can see here all menus of pos screen and also you can search the products by category and products name

    • Click on Delivery Menu and you can create Delivery Order with confirm Order.

    • In payment screen you can see the Delivery detail with Delivery user and Address and by click on Draft Order you can create draft Order

    • In receipt also you can see Delivery details in receipt

    • In Bag charges you can add bags with that given charges, and after click on Select you can add bags changes as a Order line

    • Bag charges in Order Line

    • Bag Charges receipt

    • Select product and then click on Product Menu and then you can see the Product quantity in warehouse

    • Click on Money in Menu and In popup you can add reason and Amount for add Money in cash control

    • Money In Receipt

    • Click on Money Out Menu and In popup you have to add password then you can add reason and Amount for add Money in cash control

    • add reason and Amount for add Money out cash control

    • Money Out Receipt

    • Click on product Menu and you can see all products are there

    • List view of Products

    • Click on plus sign and In that you can create new product from pos screen

    • Click on Change user pin Menu and you can change the password from here.

    • Click on out of stock Menu and from there you can get the product which has a no stock

    • Click on Create purchase Order from there you can create purchase Order

    • Select product and then click purchase Order so you can get popup with product detail

    • Click On Conform and then In backend purchase Order create automatically and then give the name of purchase Order

    • Click On Receipt Button ypu can get product List which has a no stock

    • Get the List of products in Receipt

    • In Reports Section click on Graph and then you can get the bar chart and Pie chart

    • In that screen you can get the Top Customer, Top products, Top Category, Cashier, Sales by Location, Income by journal, profit and Loss

    • Click On X Report and you can get the X -report Data in PDF

    • Click on Today sale and you can get the details of session, category and payment

    • Click on Product Summary Report and get the popup with some Details

    • Product Summary Report Receipt

    • Click on Order Summary Report and get the popup with some Details

    • Order Summary Report Receipt

    • Click on Payment Summary Report and get the popup with some details

    • Payment Summary Report Receipt

    • Click on Session Inventory audit Report and get the popup with some Details

    • X-Report Menu

    • X-Report Popup and that can add Session and Report type

    • X-Report PDF

    • Z-Report Menu

    • Click On Sales summary Menu and you can get the popup with some details

    • Sales Summary Report

    • Voucher and coupons Menu

    • Gift Voucher View

    • Gift Voucher Detailed View

    • Gift coupon View

    • Gift Coupon Detailed view

    • Gift Coupon History view

    All of these features available with this single all in one openerp module.