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    • 01-May-19

    Odoo and WooCommerce integration using Odoo WooCommerce connector.

    When you think about start an online ecommerce website business or online shop for customers then this is first decision that you take for choosing an eCommerce platform. There are plenty of eCommerce platforms available in the market like WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify etc. However, in terms of popularity, ease of use and visual appeal, WooCommerce has an edge over the others. That is the reason why more and so many people always prefer WooCommerce as their choice for an eCommerce website platform.

    The WooCommerce may fulfil all your eCommerce web store needs, your overall online business needs much more than that. You can easily manage your ecommerce website Sales, Inventory, Customer relations, Accounting and much more are an integral as well as important part of any online ecommerce business or web shop business. If you are small, medium or a big business, you need an ERP system to efficiently manage your business. There are various options available for ERP systems as well but the one that is trending because of capability of ERP that meet the needs of modern day business is Odoo (Open ERP). Power-packed with all the enlarge features of an odoo ERP system, Odoo provides seamless control over all the business operations while being very user friendly.

    There are Two powerful platform - WooCommerce and Odoo. That both are among of the best in their own domain. That systems are totally separate. Now here woocommerce integration is possible to manage your web store while entire business operations from Odoo? With the help of Odoo WooCommerce Connector, It is possible.

    Odoo WooCommerce Integration is the solution by many business owners. Connecting odoo with WooCommerce that providing you benefits of both these platform. By using WooCommerce Connector in Odoo, you can manage your WooCommerce store easily from Odoo. Axis Technolabs odoo development company We are helping odoo partners in integration of woocommerce and odoo using woocommerce odoo connector.

    Manage Multiple WooCommerce Stores with Odoo

    Our woocommerce odoo connector providing amazing features which allow you to connect multiple WooCommerce stores with Odoo. Odoo WooCommerce Integration or Woocommerce odoo connector is one stop solution for you to view all your WooCommerce Stores on a single dashboard in Odoo. You can able to Synchronize all your WooCommerce stores with Odoo that providing you great benefit of efficiently managing them with the help of woocommerce odoo connector that manage your all woocommerce web shop data.

    Manage your all WooCommerce website orders in Odoo

    The customer places an order in your WooCommerce store that gets automatically imported into Odoo using this odoo woocommerce connector. You will able to validate the sales order, create invoice, payment and other information fulfillment the all orders in Odoo and you can send the updated status back into WooCommerce website using this odoo woocommerce connector.

    You can simply manage and update inventory status from Odoo to WooCommerce.

    By using our WooCommerce Connector in Odoo, you can synchronize products between WooCommerce and Odoo. That products automatically update the stock levels of products into your WooCommerce store from Odoo based on number of productts on hand or forecast quantities.


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