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    • 17-Jul-16

    The Glorious Experience of Virtual Reality

    Do you ever think, You can play tennis with you friend who is currently in another country or so far. You can feel that you are in wheat farm and running to the one big pond when you see in sky you can feel helicopters and birds are surrounding and also bird will come on to your arm.

    Virtual Reality is the big innovation computer technology through which you can feel the 'VIRTUAL' means near world and it's like a 'REALITY' to feel the real world surrounded to you.

    Now a days there are many Virtual Reality Devices available by Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset from 2015.

    On The other side in the software there are many applications developed in the major departments, lets discuss about the application areas of the Virtual Reality Technology.


    There are in US Military force many simulators are developed through which soldiers are trained by the different situations and modes of missions virtually by the virtual reality technology.

    Some non commercial versions of the games are like Battleship 2 that's behind one big tool is Unity 3D Development. It is the most powerful platform for the cross platform gaming development.


    There does not mean that only automotive industries are using technology, Toyota is using Oculus headsets as part of its to giving education to teenage.

    Automotive Manufacturing

    Now a days many auto companies like ford, in the companies car manufacturing process is done by this technology with the help of Oculus Rift. He developed headset for his labs in which using for the car interior checking and check for the car designs. And it helps to engineers and designers to evaluate closely different elements, such as car engines as well spotting the problems.


    The research of finding a life on far away planets. It uses the cutting edge virtual reality technology to control on robots and provides astronauts for a de-stress. By the help of Virtuix Omni treadmill for the setup and researchers also able to simulate a walking on other planets to prepare astronauts for a potential normal human landing.

    There are many other usage in the entertainment, health care, museums, courtrooms, meditation and mental health as well shopping.

    You might be thinking about above image right ? yes it is the card board tool design and invented by Google Incorporation recently. When we stick our mobile to the card board then it will gives you a precious virtual reality experience in very small price. As well also available some Google Virtual Reality supported applications which has two separated screens so that you will feel the pure experience in 3d virtual reality app development.

    We are at Axis Technolabs, Developing some innovative virtual reality application for mobile phones the company goal is to fill as normal people without any problems for handicap and blind persons.