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We Are Providing Live Project Training

Axis Technolabs is one of The best IT training center with professional certificate training in PHP Training, ASP.Net Training, Search engine optimization course , best iOS Training and Android Training , SharePoint Training.

The best training center axistechnolabs to offering amazing final year project training in Ahmedabad, IT course for BCA, MCA, BE-Computer, IT and Diploma colleges students. Offshore web and mobile app development company in Gujarat.

Our training session is designed for both students working and non working who looking for build perfect career in IT industry we are providing students 100% job placement for php, .net, android, iPhone app trainees. The main AIM of the courses is, the person should be able to create a Customize web or mobile app by his/her self.

Sharepoint 2010 Project Training

We at is providing Sharepoint 2010 project training in Ahmedabad for creating Sharepoint custom applications using Sharepoint, technology which assist you to boost your career to the next level. This level will provide the students with the practical experience, an active participation with live international projects under the supervision of the industry experts alongside the company's working professionals.

We are providing Sharepoint professional training for MCA, BCA , B.E.(IT), B.E. Computer, M.Sc.(IT) students for them sixth semester project. We are providing industrial standard level Sharepoint project training for getting a professional job in market.

Basic Share point Project Training Program:

  • Share Point Overview
  • Installation Steps with its pre-requisites
  • Basic Features of MOSS (why sharepoint 2010 ?)
  • Central Admin Overview
  • Difference between Wss 3.0 and MOSS 2007
  • MOSS Features
    • Collaboration Feature Overview
      • Calendar Integration
      • Blog Integration
      • Wiki Integration
      • Project Management
      • Issue Tracking
      • Discussion Board (Dash Board)
      • Announcement Webpart
      • RSS Integration
    • SEARCH Feature
      • Configuration and Implementation
      • Portal Management Overview
      • Create Portal Site (My Site Creation)
      • SSP creation
      • Site Directory overview and implementation
    • Content Management
      • Document Management
      • Document Library
      • Picture Library
      • Templates
      • Workflows
      • Check In- Check Out
      • Versioning
      • Overview
      • Multilingual Site Creation
    • Records Management
      • Policy and Auditing
      • Records Repository Overview
    • Business Intelligent and Excel Service Integration
      • Basic Overview
      • Key Points of Usage
    • Business Process (Info path Forms)
      • Overview
      • Usage Implementation
  • Web Parts
    • Overview
    • Sample Creation
    • MOSS Inbuilt Web parts and its usage
  • Inbuilt Moss Web Services
  • Mobile Device Integration
  • . Outlook Integration
  • Custom List
  • Security Features of MOSS
  • Customization of Sharepoint 2010 Site
  • Configuring MOSS Alerts
  • Deployment Steps of Sharepoint Package

Creating and Managing Sites

Creating Sites

Managing Site Users and Permissions

Creating a Child Workspace

Changing a Site’s Theme

Saving and Using a Site Template

Managing Site Features

Managing Site Content Syndication

Deleting a Site

Working with Lists

Discovering Default Lists in a Site

Creating a New List

Adding, Editing, and Deleting List Items

Restoring a List Item from the Recycle Bin

Using the Datasheet View

Attaching Files to List Items

Adding, Editing, and Deleting List Columns

Sorting and Filtering a List

Adding and Modifying a List View

Setting Up Alerts

Using Really Simple Syndication Feeds

Sending an E-Mail to a SharePoint List

Deleting a List

Creating and Managing Libraries

Creating Libraries

Creating Document Libraries

Creating Form Libraries

Creating Picture Libraries

Adding Documents

Adding Pictures

Creating a New Folder in a Library

Checking Documents In and Out from the Document Library

Checking Documents In and Out from the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite

Working with Version History

Deleting Documents

Working with Workflows

Using Alerts / Working with Offline Documents

Navigating a SharePoint 2010 Site

Navigating the Home Page and the SharePoint Site

Navigating the Site Hierarchy

Understanding Web Part Pages

Using the Recycle Bin

Browsing Lists on a SharePoint Site

Browsing Document Libraries

Customizing the Top Navigation Area

Customizing the Left Navigation Panel

Working with Document Workspaces

Creating a Document Workspace

Creating a Document Workspace Within the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite

Accessing an Existing Document Workspace

Working with the 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Document Management Task Pane

Publishing a Document Back to a Document Library

Deleting a Document Workspace

Working with Library Settings

Configuring a Library

Creating New Columns and Working with Content Types

Using Content Types and Columns

Securing a Library

Deleting a Library

Creating a New View

Using Document Library Settings

Using the Document Information Panel

Working with Meeting Workspaces

Creating a Meeting Workspace by Using a Template

Understanding the Home Page of a Meeting Workspace

Adding an Objective to a Meeting Workspace

Adding an Agenda to a Meeting Workspace

Adding an Attendee to a Meeting Workspace

Adding a Things To Bring List

Adding a Web Part to the More Page Tab

Working with Wikis and Blogs

Understanding Wikis

Creating a New Wiki Page Library

Creating a New Wiki Page

Creating a Blog Site

Creating a Blog Post



Adding a Blog Comment

Working with Surveys and Discussion Boards

Creating a Survey

Responding to a Survey

Viewing the Results of a Survey

Creating and Using a Discussion Board

Enabling Discussion Board for E-Mail

Viewing a Discussion Board in Outlook 2007

Understanding Blogs

Using Really Simple Syndication Feeds

Using Windows SharePoint Services with Outlook 2007

Connecting a SharePoint Contacts List to Outlook 2007

Moving an Outlook 2007 Contact to a SharePoint Contact List

Copying SharePoint Contacts into Outlook 2007

Sending E-Mail by Using a SharePoint Contacts List

Viewing SharePoint Calendars Side by Side with Personal Calendars

Synchronizing SharePoint Tasks List Content

Managing SharePoint Alerts in Outlook 2007

Creating Meeting Workspaces from Outlook 2007

Work with Workflow in Outlook 2007

Using Windows SharePoint Services with InfoPath 2010

Creating a Form Library from InfoPath 2010

Modifying an Existing Form Library

Filling Out a New Form

Editing an Existing Form

Creating a Content Type from InfoPath 2007

Associating a Content Type with a Form Library

Modifying a Content Type

Configuring an RSS Feed

Using Windows SharePoint Services with Access 2010

Exporting Data from an Access 2010 Database to a SharePoint List

Importing a List to an Access 2010 Table

Linking an Access 2010 Table to a SharePoint List

Moving Data from an Access 2010 Database to a SharePoint Site

Working Offline

Using Windows SharePoint Services with Excel 2010

Importing Data from an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet to a List in SharePoint

Using the Access Web Datasheet

Exporting a SharePoint List to an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet

Exporting an Excel 2010 Table to a SharePoint Site

Working with Workflow

Working with Web Parts in Sharepoint 2010

Finding Information on the SharePoint Site

Web Parts and Web Part Pages

Understanding How Search Works

Removing a Web Part

Executing a Search Query

Adding a Web Part from a Web Part Gallery

Customizing a Web Part by Using the Web Part Tool Pane

Customizing a Home Page by Using Web Parts

Creating a New Web Part Page by Using a Browser


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